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Candy & Cream Pin Up Girl Sign

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Candy & Cream Pin Up Metal Sign from the great pin up artist Greg Hildebrand.

For the past 12 years internationally known illustrator, Greg Hildebrandt, has focused on his American Beauties Retro Pinup series. Greg’s hope is that his American Beauties art has the ability to transform and inspire you; he hopes that it stirs passions within you And he hopes that it fulfills your fantasies and dreams. If so then he believes he has succeeded in his quest.
Greg Hildebrandt was born in Detroit in 1939. He and his identical twin brother, Tim, became internationally famous for the first Star Wars movie poster in 1977 and their Lord of the Rings art in 1976, 1977 and 1978.
In his 52 year professional career he has painting just about every type of commercial art there is. But in 1999 he decided it was time to paint for himself. And Greg’s American Beauties pinup series was born.
To date he has over 60 paintings in this series and still paints every day at 72 years old.

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Size: 12'' x 18''
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